Monday, March 21, 2011

Today is a New Day

Its Monday and I'm in a good mood for once on a Monday morning, LOL.  Hoping something great will happen this week!!!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Just waiting and hoping

These last few months have been some difficult times in my life.  First my daugther lost her job, so the only income that we have is mine which isn't much, so I'm paying everything.  We lost our cable, so now we don't have television, I miss watching the news and some of my food network shows. No internet anymore either.  We have DVD's so I pop one in just to watch something sometimes.  I've been reading alot lately so that takes up some of my time.  Then I got the flu, ugh, that was a complete and utter nightmare, I was down for an entire week before I could go back to work, which by the way ( they don't pay hourly employees sick time). This is week three after having it and I still have this annoying cough and kep me up most of the night last night.  Even though I'm feeling better I can't wait to be back at 100% again. Pray for my healing!!!! We managed to get the basic bills paid, thank God.  Both my daughters have been having interviews so I'm hoping, praying and waiting that something will turn around in our home real soon for the better.  Good day my friends and be blessed!!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Eve

Why am I nervous?  The day is quickly approaching, I have never thought about it as much as I have today, I want to cry, I'm excited, I don't know.  I'm a little scared.  Get a grip, it's your birthday, treat it like you did all the other years, be happy, do something for myself.  That is what I keep tellilng myself, wow I'm sitting here talking to myself, LOL  Is that a sign of old age, XXX the old, some people say age is nothing but a number, ok now I want to listen, LOL  


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tuesday 2-15-2011

Today is Tuesday, two more days until the day!!!!!  Inside I'm excited, what an excited event to make it to 50. I wish my Daddy was here to celebrate it with me.  He was always the first one to call me, picking on me and telling me how old I was, imagine that, LOL.  Daddy if you are looking down from Heaven know that I will be thinking about you this week because you always made me feel special on my day and all of your corny jokes too!!  I will be making my favorite Chocolate cake and I will be eating a huge piece too and with no regrets!!!!!  Have a blessed day to my friends that read my blog!!!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

February 10th

Ok, mentally I'm feeling better today. Knowing that my birthday is 8 days is making me a littler nervous.  I know its because I'm about to be 50 but why is that bugging me so much.  My daughter asked me to start helping her with working out.  I worked out with her on Tuesday night and I didn't think she was going to make it 10 minutes into the workout, so we had to stop after 15 mminutes.  I made up a workout for her for tonight.  I don't think its too hard but now I'm wondering if she will make it, LOL.  She will make it, I remember the first few times I worked out with my trainer, I really thought I wasn't going to make it but 32lbs later I'm a lot stronger and healthier.  Watching everything that goes into my mouth has become a daily thing now.  I'm not perfect because I do have days when I want to eat the entire bag of chips and not just a serving.  When I do eat more than I should or things that aren't healthy my body does let me know, ugh I get so mad at myself on those days.  For those that are just getting to know me.  I'm a divorced mom, I have two grown daughters ages, Colette 26 and Nicole 21.  They are pretty good girls, having a few issues with being adults but hopefully by the time they are 30, they will have it down!! (hopefully).  Colette has two little angels Ciera 7 and Nevaeh 3.  Ciera had a stroke in utero, she can not walk, talk or see.  Her hearing is perfect and when I have a bad day and come home and see her smiling that makes my day so much brighter.  Nevaeh is something else, she is so funny and so full of surprises everyday!!!  I love being a Nana.   I fullfilled one of my my dreams in 2009 and finished college and graduated with my BS/BA in Business Management with a concentration in Human Resource Management.  A few months after that I was laid off from my job.  I didn't find another job until June 2010, this has been a trying time for me, learning how to live on so much less has taught me to be thankful for the little things.  If it had not been for the Lord on my side I don't know where I would be right now.  Thank you God for being there for me through this.  I'm not working an entry level job, not my dream job but its a job.  Not giving up on my dream, still pursuing it.  It gets hard sometimes but as long as I have hope I'm going to keep striving for my goal.  Take care everybody and have a blessed day!!!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The weather in Houston, Texas is just crazy!!!

My 50th year part 2

Ok, I guess I was a little down on myself about the birthday post, but deep down inside, I'm excited.  I guess I'm a little bipolar thinking about the fact that I'm about to be 50, the BIG 5 0.  Thinking about my birthday is a happy thought but when I think about the actual number man I think old, AARP is sending me stuff in the mail, I throw it in the trash while thinking( why are they sending me stuff, I'm not old) Why do we have to have number, why can't we just celebrate the birthday and move on. I remember when I turned 21 man that was great, even when I turned 30, I felt like man I'm an adult.  Well what am I suppose to think about 50, lol.  Well anyway whatever plans I have or not, I will celebrate the day and be happy to have made it another year, blessed with my health, my family and those two sweet little granddaughter that I have that make me so happy every time I see them.  Peace!!!