Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My 50th year part 2

Ok, I guess I was a little down on myself about the birthday post, but deep down inside, I'm excited.  I guess I'm a little bipolar thinking about the fact that I'm about to be 50, the BIG 5 0.  Thinking about my birthday is a happy thought but when I think about the actual number man I think old, AARP is sending me stuff in the mail, I throw it in the trash while thinking( why are they sending me stuff, I'm not old) Why do we have to have number, why can't we just celebrate the birthday and move on. I remember when I turned 21 man that was great, even when I turned 30, I felt like man I'm an adult.  Well what am I suppose to think about 50, lol.  Well anyway whatever plans I have or not, I will celebrate the day and be happy to have made it another year, blessed with my health, my family and those two sweet little granddaughter that I have that make me so happy every time I see them.  Peace!!!

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