Friday, March 18, 2011

Just waiting and hoping

These last few months have been some difficult times in my life.  First my daugther lost her job, so the only income that we have is mine which isn't much, so I'm paying everything.  We lost our cable, so now we don't have television, I miss watching the news and some of my food network shows. No internet anymore either.  We have DVD's so I pop one in just to watch something sometimes.  I've been reading alot lately so that takes up some of my time.  Then I got the flu, ugh, that was a complete and utter nightmare, I was down for an entire week before I could go back to work, which by the way ( they don't pay hourly employees sick time). This is week three after having it and I still have this annoying cough and kep me up most of the night last night.  Even though I'm feeling better I can't wait to be back at 100% again. Pray for my healing!!!! We managed to get the basic bills paid, thank God.  Both my daughters have been having interviews so I'm hoping, praying and waiting that something will turn around in our home real soon for the better.  Good day my friends and be blessed!!


  1. Lisa, I am so sorry, I know what it is like to losue everything, I will be praying for you. Sometimes God teaches us the best lessons in losing in things, as sucky as it seems, I am here for you and if I had the money I would pay your bill!!! XOXOX

  2. Thanks Kimmy, I'm just staying hopeful that things will turn around real soon. :)